Successful leaders know that learning is the key to innovation. Transformative change requires highly developed leadership and problem-solving skills; that’s why many professionals in leadership roles look to advanced learning opportunities, such as doctoral programs, to gain the expertise to achieve their goals. Finding the right program is critical. 

The NYU Steinhardt online Doctorate (EdD) in Leadership and Innovation is designed for leaders motivated to create change through education and learning. Whether you work in education, philanthropy, government, nonprofit, or private sector, the Steinhardt EdD in Leadership and Innovation can help you enhance your skills to effect change. Read on to learn whether this program can help you achieve your career goals.

What will you learn in the EdD in Leadership and Innovation program? 

The online EdD from NYU Steinhardt takes an innovative approach to education and leadership by gathering cohorts of leaders from different backgrounds and sectors to problem-solve collaboratively. The program focuses on the most critical issues leaders face today, applying an analytical approach to challenges to equip students with the core competencies required for most director and executive-level jobs. 

Coursework covers policy analysis, change and innovation, organizational theory, learning theory, resource management, and data ethics. The capstone Problem of Practice (POP) project prepares students to solve real-world organizational challenges through research, collaboration, and leadership.

The case for online learning at NYU 

Online learning offers several significant advantages for busy professionals seeking an advanced degree, including opportunities to apply what you learn immediately in real-life situations. 

Flexible modality

The NYU online EdD program is built for professionals who want a high-quality, high-touch doctorate that offers flexibility alongside academic rigor. The curriculum includes seminars, immersive experiences on the NYU campus, research-intensive coursework, online synchronous class discussions with faculty, asynchronous instruction, and independent work. 

As a former student, Dr. John Roth, a shareholder of Maynard Cooper & Gale, explains, “The doctoral program marries academic rigor with real-world problems. We’re looking through an academic lens to make sense of the world, but at the same time, we’re bringing problems from our own fields of practice and coming up with solutions that matter.”

Applied learning

The POP capstone project, which takes the place of a dissertation, enables students to apply their learnings to a real-world problem they are facing. A student defines their POP even before the program begins, when they identify an organizational challenge they want to address as part of their application. Then, with guidance from faculty, they frame this challenge through an academic lens and map a way to confront it. 

For example, a student focusing on higher education might seek to answer the question: “Using technology, how may we coordinate student services to ensure effectiveness and affordability?” A student from a corporate organization might ask: “How can I effectively transmit organizational culture throughout a series of mergers?”

The program helps students to develop skills to make more informed, data-based decisions and teach them to leverage their leadership positionality to address their POP. Through this approach – which is unique among doctoral programs –  students may drive impact in their organizations while still in the program.

Cohort-based approach

The NYU EdD program is built on a cohort-based approach, connecting leaders from various sectors to engage around their unique Problems of Practice. This format challenges students to look beyond their discipline and industry for solutions, ultimately activating new networks of leaders eager and prepared to create innovative, cross-sector solutions to pressing issues.

As NYU EdD student Nadir Zafar explains, “The EdD program is not just for those in the education sector. My cohort has people from technology companies, social organizations, and the manufacturing industry. It’s a very diverse group, and I enjoy learning from them. These are people who possess great qualifications, including MBAs from top universities. They have rich experience in the business world and the education world, and it’s been very helpful to get perspectives from both sides.”

Faculty mentors

Throughout the program, students can connect with NYU faculty. The online EdD faculty includes thought leaders, researchers, and senior leaders from various industries, providing students with a diverse learning experience.

Ready to learn alongside distinguished leaders at NYU?

If you want to upskill your advanced leadership skills in a program that fits your busy professional schedule, the online EdD from NYU Steinhardt may be the perfect fit. NYU regularly offers virtual information sessions where you can find out more about the EdD program; join one to learn more. 

You can also request more information and speak to an enrollment advisor for one-on-one advice. An enrollment advisor can answer any questions about the program, help you determine whether you are eligible to apply, and guide you through the application process.