Course Listing

The 42-credit program is designed as a cohort model; courses are consecutive and are to be completed can be completed in as few as 24 months.

As part of the capstone requirements and the work on the Problem of Practice, you will be asked to apply what you learn to your professional work.

Please note: course descriptions and sequence subject to change.

  • EDLED-GE.3016 How Do We Learn and Why Does it Matter?
  • EDLED-GE.3006 Introduction to Doctoral Studies
  • Capstone Deliverable: Professional/Academic Goals
    These two courses are part of the first on-campus immersive residency

  • AMLT-GE.2053 Organizational Theory
  • EDLED-GE.3208 Management and Ethics of Data
  • EDLED-GE.3032 Leadership I
  • Capstone Deliverable: Autoethnography

  • EDLED-GE.2367 Demographic Analysis
  • EDLED-GE.3001 Research Methods
  • Capstone Deliverable: Case Study Proposal

  • EDLED-GE.2355 Education Policy Analysis
  • EDLED-GE.3219 Quantitative Methods in Education Leadership OR
  • EDLED-GE.3215 Qualitative Methods in Education Leadership
  • EDLED-GE.3321 Management of Resources
  • EDLED-GE.3216 Organizational Change and Innovation
  • EDLED-GE.3195 Capstone I
  • Capstone Deliverable: Case Study Draft 1

  • EDLED-GE.3033 Leadership II
  • EDLED-GE.3096 Partnerships for Leveraging Impact
  • EDLED-GE.3196 Capstone II
  • Capstone Deliverable: Case Study Draft 2

  • EDLED-GE.3197 Capstone III
  • Capstone Deliverable: Case Study Final Draft
    Capstone Deliverable: Reflective Narrative

  • EDLED-GE.3198 Master Speaker Series

Capstone Presentation, Speaker Series Continuation, and Graduation Celebration
These events are part of the second on-campus immersive residency.